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Title trouble for Khiladi 786

A group of Muslim organisations convinced Akshay Kumar to alter the name of his latest box office release for further promotional activities.

On the eve of the release of Akshay Kumar's latest action comedy, a group of Muslim organisations have raised an objection to the use of '786' in the film's title. Their claim is that the sequence of numbers has a religious connotation. The groups have suggested that the filmmaker change the film's title to Khiladi No 786.

According to industry sources, the groups met Akshay along with Himesh Reshammiya and the film's creative producer Rakesh Upadhyay to discuss the matter. The filmmakers have now agreed to alter the title and will be using the alternate title for further promotional activities.

A source says, "The group Mushahiddin Iftikhar-e-Millat and member of Buland Aawaz Nari Eacha Sanstha, Nasema Khan had filed a complaint with the social branch of Mumbai Police. Their meeting was held at Akshay's Juhu office on Thursday."

Upadhyay says, "The groups had an issue with the film's poster. They thought it was demeaning. Akshay explained to them that '786' has no negative connotation in the film. By then the publicity posters had already been issued and deleting the numerical series was not possible. Akshay promised that he would try his best to incorporate 'No 786' for further promotional activities."

"All is now cool," adds Upadhyay emphatically.

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