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Thank You is about dirty husbands and gullible wives: Akshay

The core theme of Thank You is infidelity and no one associated with the film is hiding it.

In fact, it is being flaunted if the recent Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo party featuring the 'three doggies' - Suniel Shetty, Bobby Deol and Irrfan Khan - at Madh Island is any indication.

One wonders though that since the film is being sold as a family entertainer, isn't it tricky on the part of the filmmakers to flaunt the infidelity angle so strongly?

"You are right, it is, which is why humour is a God sent answer to all problems," said Akshay. "Thank You is still most definitely a family movie; it may be about infidelity but the situations in the film are hilarious!"

"In any case, if at all we have to be worried about anything, it's not the kids but the adults. You know why? Because for the film, women would be running to cinemas with curiosity and concern while men would be running out of cinemas with fear and panic," added the actor. "Believe me, this movie is going to open a few eyes in a few households around the world for sure. Sorry guys, but some of you have it coming for sure!"

In the film, Akshay plays a 'Break Up Doctor' who ensures that all philandering men are put into situations where they are caught red handed by their wives.

Three of his unsuspecting victims are Suniel Shetty, Bobby Deol and Irrfan Khan who are cheating on Celina Jaitly, Sonam Kapoor and Rimi Sen respectively.

"Well, please do not take any of this or the film the wrong way; none of us are accusing all men of being dogs, just some of them," said Akshay. "And to those innocent ladies out there, if you didn't make it so easy for men to lie to you then at the least they would probably be too scared to do so. In some way at least, this problem would be solved."

On a serious note, Akshay added, "Everyone knows that it's not often that you come across an all-round comedy with such a strong message for the masses as well as the intellectuals! So lap it up and enjoy a movie about the everyday common battles between dirty husbands and gullible wives."

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