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Tees Maar Khan – Sacchhi Mein

By Raam
Director: Farah Khan
Banner: Three’s Company, UTV Motion Pictures, Hari Om Productions
Writer: Shirish Kunder
Cinematagrophy: P.S.Vinod
Editor: Shirish Kunder
Music: Vishal Shekar
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Akshaye Khanna, Anil Kapoor, Sachin Khedekar, Aman Varma, Murli Sharma, Raghu Ram, Rajiv Laxman, Apara Mehta

E: Poora time Waste :( :(

Well, Farah Khan’s previous two films never had any logic in them, but they were entertaining to the core and of course there was the presence of SRK in both her previous attempts. Now, for her third, Tees Maar Khan, she breaks off from her favourite actor and ropes in Akshay. So, does she deliver?

I’m afraid not. Tees Maar Khan leaves the audience perplexed as to why on earth did they ever buy a ticket to watch the film! Well, they can’t be blamed though for their mistake, as the film was coming from Farah Khan and of course it had the Sheila ki Jawani factor associated with it.

Why does this film fail to deliver? Let us see.

The Plot: Seriously speaking, there is no plot. But, since I sustained the film for a 130 minutes, I’ll reveal what was not there, I mean what was there, Oh! Whatever.

Akshay Kumar is born a conman, literally, he is born a conman. Akshay’s mother, played by the TV fame Apara Mehta is into watching films about dacoities and robbers while pregnant. The yet to be born Tabrez Mirza Khan learns the tricks the Abhimanyu way and becomes the most renowned conman, Tees Maar Khan.

Cut to the next scene, the police has seized stolen antiques weighing 10,000 kilos from two joined twins, played by Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman (MTv Roadies fame). These antiques are to be transported back to Delhi using a special train that wouldn’t be stopped anywhere unless it reaches the capital. So, police fear that the twins would try to claim the stolen treasure with the help of the Internationally renowned conman Tees Maar Khan.

TMK is approached by the twins just the way the police predict and he picks up the job. In a bid to steal the treasure, TMK plans to shoot a film in a village called Dhuliya via which the train is going to pass. For this purpose he ropes in the super star Aatish Kapoor (played by Akshaye Khanna) and the entire village to be a part of his film.

The rest of the story is about the shooting and how TMK manages to loot the treasure in the disguise of a director.

Technical Analysis: Well, the previous two films made by Farah didn’t boast of a fabulous storyline either, but Farah induced the typical masala of the seventies Hindi Cinema so wonderfully, that she was able to entertain people despite the clichéd story lines.

First things first, there is no SRK in the film and Farah Khan has not written the story. It’s by Shirish Kunder, Farah’s husband. So, Farah cannot be blamed for the inspired Italian plot penned by her husband and to defend her, I would want to feel, she only made this film out of an obligation of being Mrs. Kunder. Direction wise, we get to see a few touches of Farah’s love for the seventies ishtyle Bollywood acting, but only this time, it fails to make you laugh and only irritate.

Shirish Kunder has tried to influence the film heavily, apart from penning the story, he’s also written a couple of songs, the co-written the screenplay and the dialogues and also edited the movie, forgot to add, and the back ground score as well. The censor board has already objected to a few one liners from the film while a few even objected to the most famous item number in the recent times. Unfortunately, Mr.Kunder fails to deliver on all fronts.

The music by Vishal&Shekar is passable apart from the number Sheila. Besides, the songs in the movie only add to the audiences’ woes. The title track of the film though was composed by Shirish Kunder, though which is again, just alright.

Cinematography by P.S. Vinod is just O.K and a talented art director, Sabu Cyril’s work is wasted.

Artists’ Analysis: Akshay Kumar, after having a memorable two years (2007-2008) at the B.O, he has failed to impress ever since Chandni Chowk to China. Nothing is new from Akshay’s side apart from uttering stupid one liners.

Katrina, just one word – Nahiiiiiiiiiiiin!

A talented actor like Sachin Khedekar is wasted. The other cast involves Arya Babbar, Ali Asgar, Vijay Maurya, Vijay Patkar and senior artistes like Avtar Gill, Anjann Srivasata. Aman Varma and Murli Sharma play a gay couple. Akshaye Khanna and Anil Kapoor have done special roles and Sanjay Dutt does a voice over at the start of the film. Salman Khan appears in a khawali number.

Unfortunately, the performances of all the artists is just dismal and only leaves the audience frustrated.

I can only say one thing – ” naye Saal ko aane se aur Tees Maar Khan ko flop hone se koi nahin rok sakta “.

Janta janarthan ka kya grade hai????

A: Wah! Kya Film Hai :) :) , B: Paisa Vasool :) , C: Ek Baar Chalta Hai :D , D: Bakwaas ;) , E: Poora time Waste :( :(

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