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Joker's funniest scenes with Akshay Kumar cut, says Alexx O'Nell

Alexx O'Nell has said that some of Akshay Kumar's funniest scenes in Joker were cut from the film.

The US-born Bollywood actor revealed that director Shirish Kunder edited out the scenes as they contained too much English for a Hindi-language project.

O'Nell told Digital Spy: "There was a scene early in the film that didn't make the final cut because it was too English heavy and there was fear that too much English would alienate the audience.

"In one, I throw his mobile to him and it falls on the floor and breaks, and he replies in earnestness, 'Umm ... You dropped my phone...' It doesn't do justice to the moment the way I described it, but just thinking about it has me smiling to myself now."

O'Nell praised Kumar's comic timing, as well as the performance of co-star Shreyas Talpade in the movie.

"Shreyas is a lovely guy and I've had the pleasure of meeting him a bunch of times over the years. As you can see from his performance, he dives into his roles with absolute abandon and it was a honour to share some screen space with him."

The Hindi sci-fi adventure film tells the story of a fictional village called Pagalpur which was overlooked during the partition of India and Pakistan, and - having no national affiliation or recognition - remains stuck in the past.

O'Nell has a number of releases lined up for 2012 including Tamil project Thaandavam, and Bollywood films Chittagong and Urumi.

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