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John Abraham, Akshay Kumar turn pole dancers


Akshay Kumar and John Abraham are set for a tryst with pole dancing. The duo will be seen in a pole dancing sequence in Rohit Dhawan’s upcoming film, Desi Boyz. And being complete professionals, Akshay and John went all out to get hands-on training for the sequence.

So much so that professionalism they showed delighted director Rohit Dhawan. “It’s not a long sequence. In fact, they pole dance only for 30 seconds in a song. But Akshay and John are so professional that they trained for it before shooting,” confirms Rohit. “Before the sequence, they visited a few clubs in London — where we were shooting — and jumped on stages to practice with real poles. I think they did the right thing because it’s (pole dancing) not an easy job.”

At the same time, Rohit wants to clarify that his film isn’t about pole dancing, as the general buzz suggests. “Many people feel that the film is about pole dancing or that they are playing pole dancers in the film. But let me clarify that it is not the case. But at the same time, though the pole-dancing bit is a short one, it has big ramifications and really affects their lives. So, it’s an important part of the story,” says Rohit.

Although both John and Akshay went all out for the sequence, Rohit feels it was relatively easier for Akshay. “He is well-versed with Parkour. And since that too involves lot of twist and turns, I think he picked up the tricks easily. But I can say that both the actors have literally put in their best foot forward,” says the director.

And besides Akshay and John, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangda Singh also star in the film that releases on November 25. The film has been mostly shot in London with very few sequences being canned in studios in Mumbai.

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