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Imran charging more than Akshay for Once upon a Time in Mumbaai 2?

That’s what the rumours tell us. Our sources are working overtime to find whether there is really any truth behind this gossip or not. But it’s too interesting not to be taken into consideration. We all know Akshay Kumar had had quite a barren patch before his tow 100-crore-grossing movies released this year. And hence, even after being the only ‘Khiladi’ supersta of the industry, no one really wanted to hire the services of the man due to his dry run at the Box-Office. He had already signed on to star in the much anticipated sequel of ‘Once upon a Time in Mumbaai’ before the second lead Imran Khan came into the fray. And since Akshay was not the most saleable star then, he reportedly agreed to work for a reduced remuneration.

When the much-in-demand Imran joined in, he demanded a bomb, reportedly Rs. 11 crores, which he got a nod for eventually. So, according to rumours, it so happens , and however strange it might sound, Imran is the better paid star in the film compared to Akshay; even though Akshay is much senior to him and is a better bet at the ticket windows any day. W
ell, if what we claim is certainly true, Bollywood is a strange place to be at, for sure.

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