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I love how far we have both come: Akshay Kumar

In a letter, Akshay Kumar felicitates Sajid Nadiadwala on completing 25 years in Bollywood.
From my school travel buddy to my favourite Producer, it’s been a long journey dear friend, more than 30 years & we still live around the corner from each other. I have looked up to you since
we studied at Don Boscos & I look up to you even now, especially when I’m sitting in a chair.

I love how far we have both come together, very soon we can sit back & watch our son’s future take over our own, let’s hope they copy our paths & stay as close as we are.

Sajid you have been the reason for some of my greatest films & that my friend I will remember always, & no matter how old you get .. you’re only as old as the heroines you hire to chase me in your films, just for the record, what is Asin’s age again, just so I know how many candles to put on your cake!!! ;o)

As it’s your special day, I want to thank you for the memories, the movies, the money, & all the amazing good times you have made for all of us over the years, not only do your films spell ‘BlockBusters’ they mean ‘BestTimes’… I’m not even going to bother getting you anything for your birthday because I know the only thing you want this year is for ‘HouseFull 2’ to be as huge as the Directors stomach ;o)

I wish you light years of happiness, your friend on the number 255 ltd Bus, Now & Always.
Love & Prayers Sundi ;o) X
Quoted verbatim from Akshay Kumar’s letter to Sajid Nadiadwala

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