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First Trailer: Akshay Kumar rocks in action-packed 'Khiladi 786'

Akshay Kumar takes the slam-bang action to a new high in his upcoming actioner Khiladi 786, as is verily evident from the first trailer of the film.

The movie has Akshay playing a hardy character named Bahatar. He makes a smashing entry on a jeep, breaking through a wooden gate and rubbing his wrist through the rubble he leaves in his wake. Then follow some bone-crunching action sequences, as Akshay the Khiladi flings the baddies in the air like they were dirty linen being slam-washed by a dhobi. BANG! One baddie slammed into a rusty car. BAM! another on dusty ground. Still another given a 360 degree swing before being smashed into glass. Akshay also executes a cuff (a blow with a flat hand) on another unfortunate rival of his.

In short, here’s a Khiladi who breaks bones in whole-sale. The best bit is when he stamps his foot on a red jeep and a dozen or so goons sitting pretty in it come flying out like frogs with their bums on fire. Seriously, it’s the brute force put on a jaw dropping display by an actor very much suited to pull off such an action-packed role.

Do note Akshay Kumar’s gaudy clothes and also his slick move with the goggles. He also mouths a crunchy dialogue which you must check out yourself.

Khiladi 786 carries forward the Khiladi franchise that turned Akshay into an action star. The film is directed by Ashish R. Mohan, director Rohit Shetty’s assistant. The movie also stars Asin, Mithun Chakraborty, Paresh Rawal, Raj Babbar and Himesh Reshammiya. Interestingly, Himesh has also written its story and composed the music as well.

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