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Desi Boyz gets 'A' certificate while The Dirty Picture passed without any cuts

Two big upcoming films, Desi Boyz and The Dirty Picture were examined by the Censor Board this week and the committee's decision has left many astounded. Apparently, the Akshay Kumar and John Abraham starrer Desi Boyz has been given an 'A' certificate while The Dirty Picture has been passed without any cuts.

The makers of Desi Boyz were expecting a U/A certificate since it's a big-budget film with Akshay, John, Chitrangda and Deepika. They feel that the film is made for a family audience and getting an 'A' certificate could cause them a lot of trouble. Akshay and John play male strippers in the film and that could have been a reason for board's decision.

In contrast, the makers of The Dirty Picture were very anxious about the Censor Board's decision as the Censors have been sent a notice by the AP High Court to decide whether the film should be released. To their surprise the film has been passed with an 'A' certificate without any cuts.

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