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Conman's family want to see heist movie Special Chabbis


A film may have been in the making for quite a while, but it has become sort of a trend for opposing groups to want to see the final cut right before it hits the marquee. The same has happened for Akshay Kumar's next project Special Chabbis that is based on the infamous real-life jewellery heist in Mumbai in 1987.

There have been reports that the role of the protagonist (played by Akshay) has been based on India's notorious conman Mithliesh Kumar Srivastava alias Natwarlal. Our sources say that Natwarlal's family has approached the makers to show them the film before its release. A sou
rce adds, "They were completely surprised to read about the film in the news.

An insider says, "Akshay will be seen using a lot of aliases in the film. His character is the master of disguises and uses novel ideas to dupe people. And like Natwarlal, he too cheats industrialists and rich people," adding, "If you make a film on a conman in India, you're bound to be inspired by Natwarlal." In 1979, the conman's story had also inspired an Amitabh Bachchan-starrer, Mr Natwarlal. A source close to the production house says, "Yes, the makers have been approached to show the film."

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