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Bollywood Akshay Kumar: 'I have had a bad year with my films'

Akshay Kumar has admitted that his recent film releases have not done as well as expected.
The actor said that after the poor performance of his recent projects, he plans to shift genres from comedy to action, PTI reports.

"I had a bad year," Kumar said. "There were many things which went wrong last year. I chose some bad scripts and eventually all the films didn't do well at the box office."

The actor added that he plans to follow the examples of stars such as Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn, as actors who have performed well as action stars.

"There is a sea change in the action genre," Kumar explained. "Earlier, only a handful of stars who used to do action films. Now, almost all the actors are trying their luck in action.

"New technologies have been introduced and a lot of money is being spent on it."

> Akshay Kumar: 'I prefer action films to comedy'

Kumar stated that after the release of his next film, the remainder of his movies for 2012 would be action based.

"After Housefull 2, my next two releases Joker and Once Upon A Time In Mumbai are hardcore action [movies]. I am happy that the action man is back," he added.

Kumar is rumoured to be later playing a Muslim, Hindu and Lord Krishna in his own production Oh My God.

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