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Akshay’s series of flops… Twinkle to be by his side…

Akshay Kumar is subjected to the topsy-turvy world of business these days. Now, his wife steps up to give him a better perspective, on his film choices

Lately, Akshay has seen a series of flops.

A source tells, “Akshay, in the past, has been cast in good films. His recent flops, however, are not entirely his mistake, but just bad luck to an extent.
The scripts were definitely not great either. It all started from Chandni Chowk To China. Although, Tees Maar Khan did manage to salvage him, the movie turned out to be a Box-Office flop.”

The source also commented on Twinkle reviewing Akshay’s scripts, saying, “There is no harm in a second opinion, if you can get it. Moreover, Twinkle wants Akshay to get it all correct hereafter, so she is pitching-in by advising him on the scripts he receives.”

Another source close to Akshay clarifies that Twinkle does look into Akshay’s work-related offers, “But she just gives her opinion.”

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