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Akshay's custom made religious bike in OMG Oh My God

The very moment someone mentions the term 'bike', the only name that comes to mind is John Abraham. Well, it seems that Akshay Kumar is set to challenge that with his bike in his upcoming flick OMG! Oh My God.

On one hand, while the film's song 'Go-Go Govinda'
has already been creating immense buzz, on the other, its Akshay's bike which is vrooming its way to be the cynosure of everyone's eyes, courtesy its 'divine' number plate! Reports have it that Akshay got a custom license plate with symbols from Hinduism, Islam and Christianity! Needless to say that, with Divine Intervention 'leading' him, Akki, who plays the 'Modern God 2.0', will be seen riding his custom made chopper with élan!

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