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Akshay-Sonakshi Gear Up For A Gruelling Schedule Ahead

Even though Joker has been finalised for 31st August release and there are two months remaining for the D-Day, both Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha would practically have a month for promotion. Reason being that right through the month of August and a good part of September, they would be in Gulf shooting for Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2.

"It would be futile for them to participate in promotion while being abroad. Though none of the two actors were prepared to hit the stage so soon for Joker, they would be beginning the film's promotion sooner than expected", informs a source.

With both Akshay and Sonakshi ultra busy with number of films on floors, it is going to be a choc-o-block schedule for them.

"In any case Akshay works in 4-5 films a year and his dates come at a premium. Moreover his production OMG! Oh My God is up for release as well", says a close associate of the actor, "Now with Joker being brought 15 days early, it has to be soon how he actually manages it all. Every film these days requires elaborate promotional events as well as multiple city tours. He along with Sonakshi would have to manage it all in quickest possible time."

A PR guru feels that should not be a problem though. "In any case active promotion of Joker is expected only after 13th July, the day when the film's promo is launched. Yes, it is going to be a little cramped up but practically speaking, if their team plans it all well, even these 20 odd days would be good enough."

We concur as well!

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