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Akshay reveals plans for Grazing Goat post OMG

With Umesh Shukla directed 'OMG - Oh My God' not just finding massive appreciation but also crossing the 70 crores mark (and still counting), one can well expect producer-actor Akshay Kumar to be greedy for more of his films fetching such response where commercial returns are pretty much in synch with the critical acclaim as well.
"Well, my new company Grazing Goat Pictures is doing just that. We should be coming with '72 Miles' next which is a Marathi film. It is already complete", Akshay divulges.
Meanwhile sometime back there were talks about a film on 'Big Boss' being made by him. So what are the plans for his production house now?
Says Akshay, "We have short listed a couple of scripts already. After the release of 'OMG! - Oh My God', huge expectations have been built. We now have a lot of pressure to get all our next projects right to keep up the faith of the audience. We have a lot to live up to now."
Meanwhile Akshay's next release would be 'Khiladi 786' which releases all over on 7th December.

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