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Akshay produces the 'White Knight'.

Akshay Kumar is using his stardom and production company for a greater cause- that for producing a documentary based on the melting of glaciers in northern regions.

The documentary is made by Aarti Shrivastava, who sent it to various film festivals as well as was screened at South Asian Film Festival in Canada and the Indian Film Festival in Houston. The documentary is based on the efforts of one Chewang Norphel, of Leh, who produces artificial glaciers in Leh so that the people of that region do not face a water shortage due to the melting of glaciers. This melting is due to global warming, and while the consequences have to be borne by everyone, Akki’s making sure that the message is spread as far as he can help it spread.

About the documentary and Akshay’s contribution, Aarti says, "The documentary talks about the receding glaciers and how it is affecting places like Ladakh and other like areas. I have been working on lot of these global issues. Akshay, who knew about it, had shared this idea with me. He thought that I will be able to do justice to the subject.”
The documentary, called White Knight, thinks that ‘this documentary can become the basis for further action’. In the meanwhile, Norphel, who has 10 glaciers to his credit, aims to create at least 100 to delay the crisis. Way to go, Akki and team!

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