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Akshay, Prabhudheva scale up 'Rowdy Rathore' action

With a title like 'Rowdy Rathore', it was a given that the film would have action as its mainstay. Once Akshay Kumar and Prabhudheva collaborated on the film, there were no doubts left that the film would boast of quite a few action sequences. However, the actor as well as director were sure that each and every such action sequence had to be the highlight in the film.
"Prabhudheva himself had pioneered the action movement in Bollywood with 'Wanted' while for Akshay it is after ages that he is working in an action film. Naturally, the action had to be scaled up which means both sat down the film's action director and it was decided that there would be a lot more spice added to the 'dhishoom dhishoom' sequences", informs a source attached to the film.
Thankfully the film's core storyline had ample scope of action and since most of it has been shot outdoors on rugged locales, the ones in charge were given a free hand to let their imagination go wild and conceive action that belonged to never seen before variety.
"As a result close to half a dozen sequences were conceived and while glimpses of a few have already been revealed in promos, there is a lot more that has been kept hidden from the audience", informs a member of the technical crew.
Adds Prabhudheva, "Technology as well as audience expectation has evolved over a period of time. One has to scale up things and it was pretty much required for the action of 'Rowdy Rathore' as well."
We are waiting to see that for sure once the film releases all over on 1st June.

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