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Akshay Kumar's Oh My God sets a trend in India!

After a long hiatus, actors Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal have again joined their hands for their upcoming release Oh My God. Since OMG has been co-produced by Akshay, the actor is leaving no stone unturned to make the best out of the film.
Akshay's production house, Grazing Goat Pictures through their official handle @grazinggoatpix along with the help of Akshay's fans, popularly known as Akkians started a trend #ReplaceMovieNamesWithGod and successfully managed to trend it in India two days back.
Having tasted success once, they made another attempt yesterday and started the trend for Mod God, Akshay Kumar, namely #ThingsModGodShouldHave and accomplished the mission making it trend nationally again.
Being lucky twice the team, made a third attempt today, urging fans to share their OMG moments using #ISayOMGWhen and achieved a hat trick, managing to trend nation wide once again.
Later, even Akshay acknowledged his fan's efforts and tweeted, ‘Loving the positivity from all you guys. I believe our #OMG hashtags ( #ReplaceMovieNameWithGod, #ThingsModGodShouldHave & #ISayOMGWhen ) have been trending in India 3 days in a row :D Thank you Akkians for all the support #blessed'
The film sure looks good and seeing all this enthusiasm amongst fans we hope OMG Oh My God will be a trend-setter at the box office as well.

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