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Akshay Kumar’s Karate event gets bigger

Four years back, Akshay Kumar started the Akshay Kumar International Invitational Judo-Karate Championship with a motive to promote this art in India. Today, it has become a grand tournament which sees athletes from everywhere in the world assemble and vie for the grand prize money. But this year it will be grander as reports suggest the expenses of the tournament have escalated to Rs. 3 cr.
Akshay Kumar

There are murmurs that Akshay is getting more involved with this edition of the tournament. He has already kept aside some time for the tournament which is getting bigger every year. A source explained that this competition means a lot to Akshay. The actor is known for his slick martial arts moves that he often displays in his movies. He had trained himself in the art even before he hit the screens. Money, it seems, isn’t a hurdle for the actor when it comes to this contest.
The source continued that another reason behind this sporting event is Akshay’s intentions of bringing this form of sport into limelight too. Hence, he wants to give people the chance to exhibit their talent and get rewarded. In 2011, the total expenses had hit the 2 Crore mark and this year, 3 Crore is the estimated figure for the play-offs. The contest will run from November 7-10 and the prize money will be 25 lakh. None of the athletes who come down to India to participate in the event are charged for their stay here. Akshay Kumar foots the bill for their accommodation, food and participation.

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