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Akshay Kumar's deadly stunt without safety measures shocks all!

Akshay Kumar is one such Bollywood actor, who doesn't require any stunt expert or dummy to perform a dangerous scene in a film. Possibly, this is the core reason why Akki is often called as Bollywood's 'Khiladi Kumar'. Akshay has yet again proved his deadly avatar after he performed a life threatening stunt for Himesh Reshammiya's upcoming film Khiladi 786.

Eye witnesses inform a leading daily, Akshay decided to jump from a height of about 45 feet for one of the scenes in Khiladi 786. Despite stunt director Jai Singh insisted Akshay to use a cable wire, the actor refused to do so. Akshay Kumar decided to let go the safety measures with only mattresses and cardboard boxes to cushion his fall on the ground.

After watching out Akshay's deadly stunt, the entire unit was amazed at his decision and performance. Even in his past, Akki had done many such risky stunts without any duplicate or safety measures.

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