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Akshay Kumar’s crocodile stunt goes horribly wrong

It was a dreadful day for Akshay Kumar, who was just about to be chewed down by a crocodile while performing a death-defying stunt for a cola giant.

Apparently, Bollywood action king Akshay Kumar narrowly escaped a horrific tragedy as he got into a scrape with crocodiles while shooting a cola advertisement in Malaysia.

Conforming to a daily, a source said, “Akshay loves all risky stunts from car chases to diving down waterfalls. Of course, most of this he does for his films. So when the cola brand he endorses wanted to shoot the ad in Malaysia, Akki suggested that he fight crocodiles and go white water rafting. The concept would be how Akshay fights crocs and dives down from his boat into the river to rescue his cola.”

The unit, escorted by the crocodile trainers, started the shoot early one morning in the thick jungles of Gopeng Perak. Akshay had to go white water rafting, jumping down from his raft into the river, dodging the ferocious crocodiles and swim to safety.

“When he jumped into the water the crocs were at a safe distance. However, something happened, and one of the reptiles lunged towards the actor,” said the source.

All Akki could see was its threatening jaw lunging towards him. “He froze for a split second. He has indulged in plenty of extreme-action stunts but fighting a crocodile is something he hasn`t done in real life. He turned around, grabbed the raft and quickly swung onto it and started rowing away as fast as he could till he reached a place of safety. His presence of mind saved him. Fortunately, they got some great shots of the actor with the crocs and he didn`t have to re-shoot. AK has fought sharks while shooting for Blue. There too, he had an accident and got injured. But he loves thrills and the cola he endorses is all about thrilling action and excitement,” added the source.

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