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Akshay Kumar wants to be in no league

Akshay Kumar is over the moon thanks to the record breaking success of Housefull 2 and Rowdy Rathore. The former has already made a place in the Rs. 100 Crore club, while the latter is approaching the mark. No wonder that Akshay now wants to do just one thing – Party!

A visibly ecstatic Akshay told that this is a milestone not only for him but for the industry as well. He might look very composed but he is feeling fantastic on the inside. But he admits that the success is taking time to grow on him. He is going frozen with excitement. He promises that people will soon see him celebrating the success with the cast and crew of Rowdy Rathore.

When asked if he always knew the film will wow the masses, Akshay said that he never lets himself think about a film’s fate. He realized that nothing in this business is constant. Nothing can be predicted here. He was sure audience will like but he wasn’t sure of the extent. He wants the film to do the talking and not him. Akshay also pointed out that the best part about this success is the film scored even when it wasn’t released on a holiday weekend. We can say it was a serious dig at the Khans for wrestling to get a holiday weekend for their films as if any other Friday won’t bring them the same laurels. But on second thoughts are there any holiday left where the Khans haven’t worked their monopoly. Diwali belongs to Shahrukh, Eid to Salman and Christmas to Aamir. No wonder Akshay always gets a non-holiday weekend to prove his worth and this time he managed to score.

Rowdy Rathore has landed him again in the big league. But Akshay says he is out of the league game. He will never put a Kumar in any league. He is happy to be behind the Khans, Bachchans or Kapoors. Also read: Rowdy Rathore Review.

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