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Akshay Kumar shows his true colours

Akshay Kumar has always made sure he is spruced up from head-to-toe in real life, but when we saw him grooving on the sets of Prabhudeva’s Rowdy Rathore wearing outfits that usually make us cringe and crack up, we were mighty surprised

Govinda’s garish style or Rajinikanth’s eye blinding ensembles; we wonder who has inspired Akki more, to flaunt a style that’s so low street and tacky. As he dances and prances around doing pelvic thrusts and wooing his lady love Sonakshi Sinha, we can’t help but notice the bright pants he has chosen to wear in this action flick. Right from fluorescent green to Bollywoodlife pink to fiery red, Kumar is seen happily jumping around in gaudy coloured pants.

There’s no denying that Akshay is doing what it takes to suit his rustic and roguish character in the film, but is his over-the-top style enough to attract us to neighborhood theatres? We guess, no…We are way too familiar with his slapstick acts and his theatrical mannerisms. And honestly Mr Kumar, we won’t find you less irritating just ‘coz you have come up with a brilliant idea of changing your style in the movie. After all, gone are the days when we used to judge a book by its cover; these days we believe in trusting a lethal combination of content, looks, style, and not to forget – a brand new attitude.

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