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Akshay Kumar should compensate for Joker loss: Distributors

It seems Joker (review) will never cease to be Akshay Kumar’s problem. He distanced himself from the film so that he doesn’t have to do anything with it but it seems the move will cost the actor dearly. We hear that distributors are blaming Akshay for the bad show of Joker and are demanding compensation from him.

Joker met with an obvious fate by going down without a whimper. But distributors don’t want to just accept defeat and move on. They want Akshay Kumar to pay for their losses. The film was made at a budget of Rs. 55 Crores and even after recovering Rs. 14 Cr from Satellite rights and another 21 Crores from Box Office sales the movie now stands at a loss of Rs. 20 Crores approximately. A distributor mentioned that the movie was pulled down from some theatres within a few days. The distributors have lost nearly 60% of their investment and hence, they are pissed.

A distributor added here that the movie lost so much money because of Akshay only as he didn’t promote it well. So he wants compensation from him. Had Akshay been considerate, the returns from movie would have been much better. Another South India based distributor cited the example of Rajinikanth who compensated the distributors after his movies Kuselan and Baba failed at the box office. However, there was one other distributor who blamed UTV for the whole mess. He believes the company should pay for the loss. Distributors were aware of the film’s chances at the box-office. Akshay’s presence in the film after Rowdy Rathore’s success was supposed to help Joker’s earnings, but nothing of that sort happened.

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