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Akshay Kumar promises to get Rowdy!

We have always made it a point to show you the right state of Akshay Kumar's career but today we will talk in favour of him no matter what! After all, he is one man who became a big name in the industry without piggybacking on Yash Chopra or Karan Johar. He is a star in his own right and he is all set to prove just that but in an action avatar. Akshay promises that Rowdy Rathore will be rowdy action-packed!

Akshay is very happy at the way Rowdy Rathore is garnering positive responses from fans. His social networking accounts are flooded with good feedback which is adding to his excitement. Akshay adds that Rowdy Rathore will be absolutely akin to its name i.e. it will be a pack of rowdies!

Posters of the film have created interest in people and we hope the first teaser of the film, set to release soon, will create an equally positive buzz! See... we didn't slam him at all! We can be good when we want to but unfortunately, Akshay didn't give us any opportunity recently to do that. Anyway... all's well if it ends well, right Akki?

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