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Akshay Kumar Nixes Priyadarshan’s AIDS Film

AIDS is a serious matter for Priyadarshan. And the idea of doing the subject with a sale-able star, in this case Akshay Kumar, has fallen through. Miffed and disgusted the prolific Priyadarshan has now taken 8 months off to rewrite the script and plan his AIDS film without the crutches of stars. He has decided to scrap his original script meant to spotlight a star along with the issue on hand, to write a film that would deal realistically with the issue rather than pander to a star’s whims.

Says a source very close to Priyadarshan, “Priyan’s AIDS film is his pet subject. He initially wanted Aamir Khan for it and even gave him a rough draft. Aamir showed some initial interest. But the project came to an abrupt dead-end. Then Priyan decided to go to his favorite Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar who evinced a keen interest in the issue. But now all we can say is, good intentions don’t necessarily facilitate good cinema.”

Apparently Akshay asked for the script to be jazzed up, so that “maximum number of people would get the AIDS message.”

Priyan on his part protested that a filmmaker can’t turn a serious issue into a street play just to get an optimum audience.

Apparently after many discussions Priyan just gave up on the star-AIDS nexus and has decided to write the star-factor out of the film.

When contacted Priydarshan said, “Yes, I am writing my AIDS film all over again. And I’m taking the next eight months off from direction. After Kamaal Dhamaal Malaamal I am not directing anything else for at least 8 months. I’ll be focusing on the AIDs film only. It’s a film that needs special nurturing. I want to take it into the same zone as my Kancheevaram.”

When asked about the star-quotient propping up the issue Priyan replied forcefully, “No compromise. Please underline that. The subject would be the star of the film. I will make it with newcomers. I don’t want the theme to become a slave to some star’s image.”

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