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Akshay Kumar is targeting kids

Akshay Kumar feels that comedy has to be an inherent element in each of his films.

Starting off with a ‘family comedy’ Housefull 2 and then an ‘action comedy’ Rowdy Rathore, both of which also facilitated an entry for him in the 100 crore club, he is now jumping genres with ‘sci-fi comedy Joker.

Moreover, the promos have pretty much indicated that this is a new world that Shirish Kunder has created with the film. One can well expect a different experience for Akshay to be finding himself in this world.

“It certainly was a different world for all of us,” says Akshay. “The first day when we all walked on to the sets in Chandigarh, we were all blown away.

The structures by themselves were so magical but to build an entire story around a desolate village was enchanting.

Shirish had a vision that we all understood. This was his new world and we knew that we had to throw ourselves into the characters written for us and help make them all come to life.”

While his earlier released this year were aimed at families and youth respectively, it now seems that Joker also has that special something for children in particular.

“Absolutely,” says Akshay. “It’s very much a film for the young ones with a tad of entertainment for adults of course.

Basically it was made for anyone with a vivid imagination and a passion for sci-fi fiction. It’s definitely not your average Hindi film concept so it will be refreshing for everyone.”

One wonders whether Joker would end up making it three in a row for Akshay Kumar as far as entering the 100 crore club is concerned? Or would it be rather unfair to expect film after film to do that, especially since the genre of Joker is unconventional for a Hindi film?

Says Akshay after a pause, “I don’t think that I ever have set such targets for any film of mine. Even though my recent films were expected to target 100 crore, it’s not something that I declared myself since it’s not in my nature.

I work too hard on my films to hold a figure over them. The same goes for Joker too; I neither expect nor target such an opening. If it happens, it’s always a blessing. All films need support more than they need figures.”

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