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Akshay Kumar defends his stand on Joker

Enough has been said about Akshay Kumar’s lack of interest in promoting Joker. In fact, he has been blamed by many distributors for the poor show of the film upon release. Naturally, the actor felt the need to clear his stand and so he did, claiming that if Joker had the trappings of a blockbuster, it would have succeeded without him also.

Probably for the first time Akshay has alienated himself from a film even though it was co-produced by him. As though he had given up on it and doesn’t see any reason to promote it. When asked to clarify, Akshay told a daily that the lead actor’s presence in the promotional activities of a film can give an outcome only on Friday and may be on Saturday. Post that, it is word of mouth that will sail it through.

Akshay also added that a film’s fate is in audience’s hand. No actor has a control over it. Whatever the number of days one puts in for the promotions, audience always has the last word. He recalls a time when for a film’s promotions, he had gone out of his way. He lost sleep and stayed away from his family. But nothing changed as the audiences already had shunned the movie. Defending his stand on Joker further, he said that he wanted the film to make a mark without him going hammer and tongs about it. He believes if the movie has in it to become successful, promotions don’t matter.

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