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Akshay Kumar apes Salman Khan

There is no denying the fact that anything Salman Khan dons becomes an instant hit with the masses. Whether it is his dance moves, outfits he chooses to wear or just the way he carries himself, there are many who think aping Salman is the best way to grab everyone’s attention.

If you are thinking, only his fans try to ape his style, you gotta do some serious thinking. For actor Akshay Kumar seem to be
so impressed with Salman that he doesn’t mind flaunting a look inspired by him in his forthcoming project Rowdy Rathore. Whether it is his action sequences, the promo or even the colour of the trousers he is sporting, every bit shares a striking similarity with which Salman usually sports. It is also being rumored that the song 'Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita' from the movie too looks similar to 'Dhinka Chika' from the movie 'Ready'.

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