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Akshay doesn’t want to see his son in films!

Akshay Kumar is one Bollywood star who makes it a point to spend quality time with his 10-year-old kid Aarav, despite being super busy. He says he is not very keen on letting his son enter films.

“He is too young. I want my son to be away from films. I want him to enjoy childhood. I want him to go and play football. Go on the beach and enjoy life,” Akshay Kumar told.

Despite having a very hectic schedule, the actor leads a very disciplined life.

“I don’t enjoy partying. I don’t understand why they play music so loud. I like to sleep early. I go off to sleep by 9 to 9.30. I get up by 4.30 in the morning,” he said.

“Twinkle sleeps by 8.45 in the night and thank god this is the only similarity that I and Twinkle share. Life becomes very calm when your partner sleeps at the same time. We share this one thing in common,” Akshay added.

We will soon see Akki in Housefull 2, which is releasing April 5. This is his Akshay Kumar’s first release this year.

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