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"Akshay connected with father-son angle" - Vinay on 'Speedy Singhs'

If not for Akshay Kumar, first time actor/writer Vinay Virmani may not really have realised his dream of making a film. For a young Canadian of Indian origin who was in his 20s and still trying to find his bearings in life, Vinay was wondering how he would progress before close friend Akshay helped him come out of all his doubts.

"I was going through several drafts of 'Speedy Singhs', a story which is centred on ice hockey. Akshay is a close family friend and when I told him about all that he had written so far, he was really into it," says Vinay who has also finished his acting school in New York, "Akshay himself loves ice hockey and was curious to know how I was planning to bring this sport on screen while ensuring cinematic entertainment. What he really connected with was the entire father-son angle in the film. Once he found himself immersed in the drama, he was the first person to motivate me into going ahead fill steam and turn 'Speedy Singhs' into a reality."

While Akshay has also done a song as well as cameo sequence in the film, 'Speedy Singhs' stars Camilla Belle as Vinay's leading lady with Anupam Kher, Gurpreet Guggi, Russell Peters and Rob Low as the other principal artists. Directed by Robert Lieberman, the film releases on 23rd September.

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