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Akshay and John get down to physical blows!

If you had thought that the short-temper that Bollywood has been prey to, is on its way downhill, think again. What with Shah Rukh Khan slapping Shirish Kunder and Saif Ali Khan getting into a brawl with Iqbal Sharma, Bollywood actors seem to be tackling a tolerance level of zero. The latest entrants in this club of short-fused actors are John Abraham and Akshay Kumar.

In a theatre in Mumbai where a special screening of ‘Housefull 2’ had been organized, John and Akshay came down to blows after a silly banter between the two escalated into a physical fight of sorts. The situation had become so volatile that bodyguards of the two actors had to intervene in order to stop the actors from messing it up further. According to eyewitnesses, the incident which had begun as a joke on ‘Desi Boyz’, the last movie where John and Akshay were seen together, soon turned a nasty shade. Speaking to a leading daily, the spokesperson of the film later said, “Everything’s well. It was just a silly argument that’s sorted.”

The actors, from what the grapevine has, have been on sort-of-loggerheads with each other since their ‘Garam Masala’ days. And with the garam temper that both are known to be victims of, even innocuous banters turn into dangerous fights. Seems like it’s time Bollywood indulged in some meditation. Or pills to soothe their temper, may be!

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