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A superbike for Akshay Kumar!

Buzz has it that is that John is gifting Akshay a high-end motorbike. Reason: Their third film together being a hit at the box office.

Their friendship started during the shooting of Garam Masala. It is heard that, John had promised Akki an expensive bike, that if their third film together works well. As per his promise, it is heard that the two-wheeler will be delivered to Akshay on Tuesday.

Says a source, “It was after John got his own motorcycle transported from Mumbai to London for the shoot that he learnt about Akshay sharing similar interest in two-wheelers. A few months later, John promised to gift Akshay a bike to celebrate their success (of their third film) together.”

John says, “Since the first time we worked together, Akshay has always been a strong support. He loved the motorcycle, so it’s my way of showing my love and respect for him.” About his choice of the present for his buddy, the actor says, “I love motorcycles and so does Akshay. So I thought the best thing for me to gift him is something we both love. So I chose a Harley Davidson.”

Describing the bike, John says, “Akshay likes black colour for motorcycles, and I also believe black is beautiful. So I’ve chosen this colour for his bike.”
He adds, “Akshay wants a special number. Hopefully, the procedure will be completed soon, so the bike can be delivered to him by Tuesday.”

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